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Solana Engineer

  Since being overly involved in crypto, it wont act as a crazy surprise that I ended up working heavily with back end and front end of websites. 3 Words: “Big Defi Energy” – BDE for short, was a concept that started original out of my Bitcoin Overdose Streaming Channel on both Twitch and on Youtube, from my harbored lo-fi community over the years. Starting this as a meme in 2018, I acquired some of the necessary skills (finally) to start a crypto currency based on the meme called $BDE. After Launching a Class called Zero to Hero in early 2021 on the Crypto TV channel, I DOVE head straight into the Solana Ecosystem, and up and comer in the crypto space gaining many new price spikes. I was able to learn enough Rust – (not to work in a mainline environment) to output some functions on Chain and become very enthralled with learning EVERYTHING there is to know about the Solana Developer Kit. Metadata, Airdrops, and Token Creation were just scratching the surface as the Meme Currency $BDE started to gain a small amount of traction. It started out as a hobby, and has sort of remained so, but after launching the DEX with skills in JavaScript and Tailwind, it had become full time. There’s always a lot more that meets the eye whenever you start a project, and Big Defi Energy was no different.

After the first Few days, there was plans of a massive airdrop announced on twitter and I was off to a great start with thousands of followers seemingly overnight. Twitter for BDE went up fast, The Airdrop forced the creation of a telegram, a discord, and subsequently thousands of people talking in the chat with zero moderation. I was and am still a solo developer but the amount of work piles very quickly when you have a community to sustain and keep up with. Twitter updates daily to over 6000+ Followers on the main account and Soon after NFT Submissions from the community started another wave of creation. I launched the first ever NFT on the BDE Network Called Gym Rats, made Another Twitter account, had another 2000+ followers overnight, 1000 total art pieces into the digital eyes marketplace, one of the first nfts on Solana, and Another set of sleepless nights on the computer. It was all going so far and so quickly. June of 2021 was insane, and the market thought so too. Finally we were cooling down going into 2022, BDE is still around, Gym Rats are still around, and I was able to launch a fully 3d NFT called SoLambos with the funds from gym rats. The Story was similar with SoLambos (solana lambos on the blockchain), yet another twitter account with 2500+ followers and so on. I took time refreshing Blender and C#. Programming a fully working game of Crypto Monopoly, called Cryptopoly. I worked on game develop kills into the later part of 2021 without knowing it at first and had an unreleased game in the Unity Game Engine with in a few months. I had plans to integrate BDE but the project fell through due to lack of interest from my community at the time. This happens in crypto, and I will come back to this in the future.

Most of my time recently has been dedicated toward designing products and gearing up for the next massive bull run, I am updating what’s now called The Digital Gym, which is a simple Decentralized Exchange protocol.

I believe that after reaching $100,000 total market cap on BDE, there will be a time to put more into it, but for now the follower counts will be maintained through memes, small community updates, and whatever comes up in developments.

Crypto Blog

Over the Last Several Years I have been working as a Gig Economy Designer, Editor, and Blog Writer for Not ONLY Myself but for a community built over the years on social media platforms. After Leaving my job at Sprint in later 2020, I figured it was time to take a part time gig – to the next level, and expand my brand as far as I could. On the side of the main hustle over the year prior to leaving my job, I had been working for Crypto TV as a blog / insight journalist for the Cryptocurrency market. I have been trading that market heavily since 2017 and i plan to keep and remain in that industry for life. Over the years i have had successes, losses, and many stories attained that are keeping the ability to write up blogs about current market conditions. Crypto is luckily a place that changes often and this ended up becoming a massive time delegation over the years. This content blog is ongoing and its a paid for service through the members at Crypto TV’s Patreon, Hayden, Does Youtube videos on his growing Crypto Youtube Channel, While I can continue to update the community on insights.

I am currently updating the community 3-5 times a week with insights and write ups on the news, trades, and projects that are a must watch, this has over 50+ active members in patreon and just under 2000 in discord.

Overdose Gaming

  Bitcoin Overdose has always been a stapled branding since the very beginning. Crypto is a very complicated Market, and I had to the ability to teach, research, and deliver news and market insights without losing interest in the topics. With the tagline for Bitcoin OD being : “I Overdose So You Don’t Have To” – This became a meme, and than a small community of niche traders. We, the community and I, developed an amazing atmosphere of learning and expanding into the ecosystem. I haven’t posted as much on the channel over the last year and a half, YouTube had cracked down on crypto currencies a lot over that time frame, but the subscriber count (3500+) remains and a majority of the community has come over to hang out in The Digital Gym (BDE headquarters/ Discord Channels) – subscribers expected less on the main channel, and I focused my efforts on other means of communications.

  First off a Gaming Org, Officially Titled ODG, OverdoseGamingLLC is a registered and trademarked entity designed to bring gamers back to the nostalgic days of getting wins and entering Flow State. The addicting nature of connecting shots in a call of duty game or winning in Fortnite, all with a solid community. Yes another community to be built, another twitter to run, and more social media to manage, but.. this time with friends in my gaming circles. We built a team, through the org, for the game Valorant. We Compete in tournaments for both Fortnite and Warzone. Make content for the ODG gaming channel on YouTube. This project is relatively new in terms of Money inflow, so not much has been made yet in terms of market capital. DJ Our a Team Lead, Duffy is My Right Hand Marketing Expert, and I fill in for general costs as a Financial Officer.

Dosed After Dark

  I also run a podcast, very unrelated to gaming and more into the politics/news sector of the entire world. Jeff (a hunter channel enthusiast former game developer) and I drink whiskey on Friday nights, review the whiskey and talk about just.. whatever happens to be the topic that night. Nature and Crypto happen to be contrasting expertise. We call this Dosed After Dark, because it takes place on friday nights. Usually We get clips that need editing by Saturday, and those will get uploaded in a timely manor through out the week. This Podcast has brightened up my editing skills and design skills in after effects, photoshop, premiere, lightening work, and camera usage a lot further and more skillfully than previously imagined. I do say though, for the first year of growth, I have seen some good view counts.

  Jeff and I go live on Friday nights at 8:30 CST. Edits come out almost everyday on the clips channel.